Wednesday, July 10, 2013

An email from a person with mental illness, which arrived on 7/10/13

I ran accros your ite looking for the Pair program. To begin if you'd like to share my story i am ok with. I like to start off ny stating i come from a abusive mentally ill family, been adopted 2 times through family members as well. I am 45 yr age. 3 lovely childs. My illness has become apart of their lives as well. it did not take anyone to know an seek the help i knew i needed 16yrs ago and present.To seek help of a chemical imbalance i have lived with most of my life.I got the help on my own i realized 15 yrs ago on my own. Never been to jail or even seen a jail cell a day in my life. Due to an situation i was put in using my poor judgement , i did not recognize was a crime at the time. I was cohoared into going into a walmart store by a trusted elder PIG to pick up a ipad that was suppose to be paid for w/ creditcard. Elder PIG ex-friend, told me He didnt have i.d. to pick up the ipad package. So i used poor judgement went an retrieved the ipad for him an walked out the store .I was told  It was sitting in the buggy next to me as i was waiting in customer service line on Dec 2012 . On March 7th , got a call from IMPD asked for me i answered the cell an arresting officer spoke my name an stated if i di not be home or answer my door in 3 secs he was going to Kick my door in. i asked why? he stated Hell tell me when he gets there. As i waited with my window blinds & front door wide open as well as notified family members in fear If something happens to me it will be visual being i live next door to a public church thats always busy,based on the statement the officer made to me before arrival. Finally they arrived an said wheres the IPAd your goin to jail an your child is going to CPS. As they surrounded me an blocked me in my hallway questioning me . My illness of bi polar , schizo anxiety and depression had already flaired up. They mentally attacked me, then eventually cuffed my hands so tight , i asked the officers if i can take my psych & blood pressure meds that were sitting there on the table he said YES! then said NO an called the pharmacy who verified they were my meds Instead the officer still decided No i could not have them then I had a Panic attack / my blood pressure rising an fell to the floor I fainted with the cuffs on my hands . It is sad that officers are not trained to deal with mentally ill people, and they put themselves above the law. An mishandling mentally human beings. I never was a threat i cooperated an still was treated inhumane  Ive no history of drug or alchohol issues or any criminal  backround history. Sides me loosing my Mom to death of cancer In june 2012. I was told about PARE in March 11 2013 upon 1st court hearing w/ a court social worker. An never heard from her again she stopped talking to me. As well as the Public defender as he removed himself from my case . Why i still  dont know ? I had to hire my own attorney to stay out of jail for a 1st time class D theft in which i was incarcerated an requested a high amount of cash bail. Now the attorney i have works for the same court is refering me to the pair program . My private counceler of 4 yrs called my court attorney to ask him about Pair program . Since he mentioned it to me but he has not returned her or my calls. An i would like to know if this program will train police officers on how to act toward people human beings who have been diagnosede with mental illness? The courts an police should not mistreat an strike negatively toward persons w/ illness they should be trained an be able to recognize  traits of human beings as myself. Not mentally ill persont only that but they come to intimidate and put metally ill persons undr pressure an that can very well in the future cause a person to lash out in a way of negative an cause harm to themselves or others. It is just not the way anyone who has an duty & oath to the public to be mistreated inhuman.It effects us all

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