Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Story Titles, Leads, Themes, Plots, Ideas

This is a another post I will probably revisit a lot. I am going to try to remember stories of interest associated with the PAIR Program. I hope to link any other information on the topic. Again, this will aid any doing research on the PAIR Program.

The Mentally Ill Offender
Dollars and Sense
Treatment in Jail
Politics Link 1
Commissary Fund Link 1
Suicide Tank
Federal Court
Love Ones of the Rich and Famous
Commitments Link 1
Mysterious Deaths
Channel 13 News
Dept. of Corrections
Habitual Criminal Act
Mayor's Task Force on Dangerous Mentally Ill
Case Study One

Case Study Two

Jake's Law

a WIP [a work in progress]

Zero Tolerance Rules
Red Zones
Enhanced Prosecution Zones
The Prosecutor's Top Ten Offenders' List

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