Friday, November 29, 2013


Dave leaves college

Dave was there. He was in Bob Jones University, It was a strict and fundamentalist Bible college. Dave was going here because it was what his father and mother wanted. He had heard this almost weekly while growing up. BJU looked down on self ordained preachers and some of the faculty actually considered Brother Joe's brand of holy roller preaching to be downright heretical. But BJU consider the Pope a heretic too.

So being at BJU, under the shadow of Brother Joe's beliefs, Dave already had one strike against him. He would soon get two more strikes and be kicked out of school.

The first strike came from Dave hanging around an artist colony in the hills of North Carolina. There were many new thinkers with radical beliefs there. Dave started spending more and more time there has he was fascinated with the people and with talk of different religions and philosophies. He particularly like the discussion of eastern religions and learning about prior utopian communities of Emerson, Alcott, and Thoreau. They preached a simple living with high thinking. The general mood of the colony was libertine which was in direct contrast to BJU's legalistic view of Christianity. 

The contrast of these community views affected people and their behavior. The religious school was angry and hostile toward the colony. In contrast, the colony would often say to say to the students and protestors, "let's sit down and talk about it."

There were a view who did sit down and talk. And occasionally the individual would end up joining the colony. Most opponents of the colony spread rumors and lies. A frequent complaint heard in nearby communities were that the colony were Satanists or homosexuals. Allegedly the satanist wanted to steal their babies and sacrifice them to the devil and that the homosexuals wanted to molest their boys and turn them into queers. 

It was not long before there was a rumor going around that Dave was homosexual and was looking for a lover. Others used the fact that Dave had an effeminate study partner as proof that Dave was a pervert. The final straw was when the study partner was caught in a sexual act with his room mate. This was used as absolute proof of the evil of Dave and he was terminated from the school.

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