Monday, March 06, 2006


Start acting to help disabled kids

From The Indianapolis Star
Letters to the Editor

March 3, 2006

Stop finger pointing, start acting to help disabled kids

To say Indiana rates are the worst among states in mental health services is an understatement. What I find more disheartening, though, is the lackluster response by the director of Family and Social Services Administration. While shortcomings may be blamed on previous officeholders, I am sick of the finger pointing. I don't care whose fault it was in the past; I care who is going to stand up and take charge for all the kids on waiting lists, who then turn into adults on waiting lists.

Having a son with autism, I know that early intervention can be key to later success. To be told your child has a disability can be a smack in the face, but what is worse is when you're told, "By the way, we can't help you for about eight to 10 years." Our society still wants to lock these kids in the closet and leave them there.

Laura Ham

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