Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Back to work in the Asylum

I have been real busy the past month. I am getting use to the new pace of things and I hope to be posting more here on a regular basis soon.

I accepted a job at the state hospital in a position I first held 30 years ago. It is a humbling experience, but it is good for me. It helps me keep things in perspective. I am also working at a pharmacy delivering emergency meds. The courier job pays much better, but it has no benefits. I can make as much working with the meds in four hours as I can make working at the hospital a full shift at time and a half overtime pay. I am willing to make this sacrifice because I am a "75 pointer". My years of experience and my age adds up to 75 points. I have 75 points out of a 85 to qualify for retirement. My main goal though is going back to school to ultimately complete my doctorate. It has always been my destiny to do this. I need the flexible schedule. It is humbling, but it reminds me what is important in life and the value of the individual.

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